Final Hyper_realism

Here is my concept – A Buddha on a lotus. I thought I would use five pictures to create a new photo by using Photoshop.

This is a picture that I took from crater lake in Oregon last year. I used it to create sky on my project- hyper_realism.

Another picture.

Firework picture that I got from google search engine and I cut around off.

A statue of the Buddha I took from Long Island Buddhist temple. It is a Japanese statue.

A sun flower, I brought from my aunt folder pictures. I felt like the real sun.

I got this picture from google. It’s called a lotus.

This is an original photo that I took it in my country, Thailand. It’s called the Marble Temple. It’s made by Marble from Italy more than 150 years ago.

This is my first sketch to create my project.

This is my last sketch that I want to create a Buddha image on a lotus. I put the Buddha image above the temple.

Here is a picture that I cut the background out and I want to put something on it. It’s cool !

In this progress, I brought a lotus  that I already  cut  and clean from my folder and I put on the temple. Then I duplicated the temple and rotated to be upside down, setting to mode lighten. It looks like a shadow.

Next I put the Buddha that used eraser tool to clean things and adjusted the Buddha to be lightness. Then I brought a sun flower and a firework picture behide the Buddha. Set the sun flower to mode multiply and the firework picture to mode softlight.


Finally, I cut cloud and sky from pictures that I took from crater lake in Oregon, using lasso tool and then used move tool. After that dragged it to main layer you work on. I duplicated sky many pictures and put anywhere I wanted  so that I used spot healing brush tool and eraser tool to fix curve of pictures to be smooth. It looks real, isn’t it ? Please comment on it ! Thank you Professor Deborah Krikun to teach us how to use Photoshop as a professional.


4 responses to “Final Hyper_realism

  1. I love the temple and its symmetry. It looks very beautiful with the reflection that you’ve made.
    The statue looks nice too. I love the idea that you use the flower and the firework to represent the halo of the Buddha statue, that’s lovely. And the way you place the Buddha in the middle of the yellow pollen is the brillian idea to conceal the yellow leaves on the original picture, I like it!!
    Overall I think for first project in photoshop you did very well ^^
    P.s. I like your sketch too. It’s kinda cute. 555

  2. I love your final project. It’s very lovely Intorn. I’m amazed and flabbergasted by your project. 🙂

  3. It’s amazing Buddha, and so beautiful.

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